Governor Nathan Deal & First Lady Sandra Deal


Tom's most recent governmental portrait was of Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and his wife Sandra. The painting was unveiled at the Georgia state capitol on Jan 3rd 2019. It now hangs outside the governor's office near another of Nash's official portraits of the late Governor and Senator Zell Miller.

The concept for the portrait that Tom came ups with was to include several symbols of the interests and successes of the Governor and First lady during their eight years in office.

portrait of an apple

Governor Deal wished for his wife Sandra to be included in the painting and the artist was happy to oblige. Sandra Deal was a very active and influential first lady of Georgia. She had been a school teacher. As first lady, she visited over 1000 schools where she read to young children and emphasized the importance of reading. These are two of the ones she read from. The school books could've been positioned on any of the shelves but in the Georgia capitol the official portraits are hung so that even the bottom of the paintings are several feet off the floor. Tom wanted the books low enough in the composition so that when children visited the capitol they would be able to see them.

portrait of books

The model car represents economic development and the auto companies that came to Georgia during Deal's time in office. On the shelf below that to the right is a copy of "Memories of the Mansion" Sandra Deal's book that details the history of the Governor's Mansion coauthored with Jennifer Dickey and Catherine Lewis of Kennesaw University.

portrait of a camera

Tom came up with this movie camera bookend to include in the painting because Governor Deal was very committed to the film industry in Georgia and it grew tremendously during his time in office.

portrait of a statue

The governor had been presented with the "lady liberty" or blind justice statue and Tom felt it would make a nice addition to the painting since criminal justice reform was very important to the governor.

portrait of a crane

A construction crane representing the ongoing construction of a new judicial complex. Tom felt it also represented development and economic growth in general, as did the model car. The state of Georgia had been ranked number one or close to number one for business during much of Governor Deal's tenure. The lighting and sky outdoors was intended to signify 'morning' or sunrise in Georgia, a new day.


Tom painted this 48 x 36 inch oil portrait of Jack Dalton for the law firm TROUTMAN SANDERS when he retired. The plaque on the wall denotes his membership in the prestigious American College of Trial Lawyers of which he is a past president. See the unveiling.

Dr. George Wirth
First Presbyterian Church Atlanta GA
oil on linen 34 x 28 inches

Former Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson
96 x 48 Giclee reproduction
original oil on linen which measures 72 x 36 inches

Tom's posthumous portrait of former Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson in the Jackson International Terminal of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Tom's portrait of director/actor/playwright, Charles Bush. is now in place in the Players Club in NYC. It hangs in the club's Hall of Fame of distinguished members. This is the third portrait Tom has been asked to paint for the club. The others were Tony Randall and Leonard Bernstein.

Two Nash Portraits Unveiled in Florence S. Carolina

In January Tom’s painting of Reverend Robert Faulkner and his painting of Mrs.  Mary Alice Ingram were unveiled in the Mary Alice Ingram chapel in a  ceremony marking the  10th anniversary of the Methodist Manor in Florence S. Carolina.   Both Reverend Faulkner and Mrs Ingram had been instrumental in the development and success of the home.   Tom had worked with family members of both subjects to complete these posthumous portraits.





Below: The Daughter of Mrs. Ingram and the widow of Reverend Faulkner were both very pleased with Tom's portraits of their loved ones

Fran and Otto Walter Portrait Unveiled at Muskingum University
In April 2011 Nash's full length double portrait of Otto and Fran Walter was unveiled at Muskingum University in Ohio. The ceremony, to celebrate the completion of the new Walter Hall music building was attended by family members of Fran and Otto, and distinguished alumni and donors such as astronaut and senator John Glen and his wife Annie and representatives of the Walter Foundation. Nash was commissioned to create the portrait of the late Fran and Otto to "welcome all who enter Otto and Fran Walter Hall."
Far Left: Portrait of Otto and Fran Walter

Left: Framed portrait and plaque at Walter’s Hall

Thomas Nash Portraits in the Movies

Ten of Thomas Nash’s portraits were used as background props in the Universal Studios summer movie “The Change-Up” starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman.  High quality reproductions of several of Tom’s men’s portraits were used in lieu of the originals which are hanging in various public and private collections around the country.   The paintings were needed to complete the décor of the lawyer’s office for the character played by Jason Bateman.

Artists’s Mother  Dies after Brief Illness

Lois Nash, the beloved Mother of portrait painter Thomas Nash passed away suddenly on Easter Morning of 2011. She was 90 years old.  Happily she had lived long enough to be able to travel to Washington DC in 2010 to accept the Congressional Gold Medal awarded to all members of the W.A.S.P. the Women Airforce Service Pilots from WWII Lois had been still driving her own car and living in her own home up until shortly before her passing. Lois was preceded in death by her husband Albert E. Nash in 1995.  See more in Personal & Family



Tom will have to complete the portrait he began of his mother from his sketches, photos and memories

Tony Randall Portrait Unveiled at Players Club

Tom’s portrait of actor Tony Randall was unveiled at the Players Club in NYC in the Spring of 2011.  Tom painted Mr. Randall for  the club’s  Hall of Fame of distinguished members. This is Tom’s second painting for the collection.  He had previously been asked to paint Leonard Bernstein. His next project for the Hall of Fame collection is a portrait of actor, playwright, novelist  screenwriter and director  Charles Bush.  Tom will have it completed by summer 2012.

Tom Spoke and Demonstrated at Large PSof A Conference in 2011
In April 2011  Thomas Nash served on the faculty of the Portrait Society of America’s during their annual conference. The event, held this time in Atlanta GA. hosted over 800 portrait and figure painters from all 50 states and numerous countries around the world. Tom spoke and also did a unique painting demonstration.  He created a portrait of his wife Donna without her posing for it.   He also contributed a figure painting as part of the auction for charity held at the conference.

Left: Tom addresses members of the Portrait Society of America at their annual conference

Bottom: Tom’s demonstration painting of Donna from memory


Lois Nash Receives Congressional Gold Medal at US Capitol

Tom accompanied his mother Lois to Washington DC in March of 2010 to attend the Congressional Gold Medal ceremony at the US Capitol.  Lois was one of 1012 WASP, the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots, during WWII.  She flew over 17 different planes including her favorite, the B-26 Bomber which she used to tow targets.   Over 200 surviving WASP were able to make the trip to Washington and accept their Gold Medals in person.   Click here to read more.

Right: Lois Nash holds her Gold Medal following the ceremony at the Capitol
Below: A remembrance ceremony for the WASP who died was held at the Air Force memorial site in Arlington. Here Lois and Tom stand near the base of the Air Force memorial sculpture after the ceremony with Sergeant Nancy Wall, Lois' military liaison during the events.

Tom's Teaching Featured in Workshop Magazine Article
The Spring issue of American Artists' WORKSHOP magazine features a ten page story on Tom's teaching during a recent workshop. The article was written by veteran publisher and writer Bob Bahr. It went on sale in late February at major bookstores.

Tom Serves on Faculty of Painting Symposium at U. Conn Stamford
In early February Tom traveled to Stamford CT to speak at the Frank Reilly symposium put on by the Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists. The event was moderated by John Howard Sanden. While there he also judged the CSOPA "Faces of Winter" Portrait exhibit along with noted artist and popular teacher Frank Covino.

CSOPA gave Everett Raymond Kinstler a Lifetime Achievement Award during
the weekend and Tom was pleased to have the opportunity to say a few
words on behalf of his long time friend.

Tom Lectures at Famed Studio Incamminati

In July Tom was pleased to be a guest lecturer at Studio Incamminati, the renowned art school founded and directed by Tom’s long time friend Nelson Shanks in Philadelphia PA. Tom gave a presentation entitled “From the Mall to Statuary Hall: Lessons Learned as a Professional Portrait Painter”. In a well received marathon four hour evening slide presentation Tom spoke of his training and experiences as a veteran of nearly 40 years in the field and also offered advice and painting tips to the artists taking part in the Intensive Painting workshop and with visiting professional artists in the audience.

He is looking forward to returning soon after stretching his guest lecturer visit to three days at the school, reconnecting with old friends and even doing a bit of painting.

Tom used slides to tell the story of how he progressed from a 14 year old artist doing free sketches on the sidewalk of Belleville Michigan in the mid 60’s to standing in Statuary Hall unveiling his portrait of the US Speaker of the House in the year 2000. He also spoke of his training through the years.
November 2000 Washington, DC

Tom Serves on Faculty of PSoA Conference
Demonstrates in 2009 Art of the Portrait Face-Off
On Thursday evening, April 23 during the annual Portrait Society of America “Art of the Portrait” conference in Reston VA, Tom was one of the leading artists who gathered together in the Grand Ballroom and painted demonstrations from the same live models. The finished paintings were well received and all were sold in a silent auction that ended during the conference.

Thomas Nash is a full time professional portrait painter and although he enjoys teaching and is very good at it, his own painting and study restricts his teaching schedule. If you are serious about taking your Portrait painting to the next level, don’t miss one of the live workshops.
In addition to painting from the model, Nash workshops include
helpful classroom portions on a variety of aspects of Portrait painting.


Tom Paints the Head of the Federal Reserve Atlanta

Tom paint Guynn

In the fall of 2007 Tom completed a portrait of Jack Guynn, the retired head of the Federal Reserve for the Southeast. Jack posed for the painting in his Roswel, Georgia studio. The portrait was unveiled October 15th. This portrait now hangs in the Federal Reserve building in Atlanta, Georgia.

Guynn Panel


Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson Portrait
Maynard Jackson

Tom is making progress on his painting of former Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson which will hang at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport when completed.  Here Tom surrounded himself with full size charcoal sketches and several studies in oil or charcoal while in the planning stages of the painting. 

In addition to recognizing his stature and ability as a painter of official portraits, the selection of Thomas Nash to paint the late Mayor is just one more acknowledgment of Nash's particular skills as a specialist in the painting of the posthumous portrait.


Mr. Sudo of Daikyo Seiko LTD

Mr. Sudo

Tom was very pleased to be asked to paint this head and shoulders portrait of the very distinquished gentleman, Mr. Masamichi Sudo. Mr. Sudo is the President of Daikyo Seiko LTD. The painting resides in the company’s corporate headquarters in Tokyo.


Mr. Lloyd Whitaker


Tom and the Whitakers with the portrait in the studio just
before he signed it.

Whitaker study

Tom really enjoyed getting to know Mr. Lloyd Whitaker the President of Newleaf Corporation and his wife Mary Ann during his sittings for this recently completed portrait.


Click to view large version of the finished portrait of Lloyd Whitaker


Tom painting on the beach

Tom on Beach

One of Tom’s current portraits commissions is of a woman in Florida who he is painting on the beach along with her two dogs.   Here Tom uses his small pochade paint box as he works on a preliminary color study as part of his preparation.


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